Cold Harbour Supply announces partnership with Boson Systems Inc.

Cold Harbour Supply is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Boson Systems Inc. to become the first dealer in Canada to stock the upcoming Proton MNVG binocular night vision device

The Proton MNVG monocular is a revolutionary binocular night vision goggle that offers user-configurable modularity for power delivery and distribution, mounting options, and optics. Rather than choosing one binocular housing that has a fixed set of capabilities and features, users can now choose from a suite of available peripherals to build a set of night vision goggles that suit their own unique requirements. With additional accessories and options on the horizons, the Proton MNVG promises to become an evergreen platform. Cold Harbour Supply has always firmly believed in using the right tools for a job and the choices the Proton MNVG provides aligns with our core vision. 

Made from premium 7075-T6 aluminum and offering multi-level EMI shielding, the Proton MNVG is world's first full-metal articulating binocular system that accepts standard PVS-14 and ANVIS optics.

Cold Harbour Supply is excited to offer the Proton MNVG complete night vision devices built using our stringent assembly processes, proper tools, and state-of-the-art Hoffman night vision test set.

Initial deliveries for the Proton MNVG will begin shipping from Cold Harbour Supply in October 2022.