Lead Times - Q3 2022

The lead times for night vision systems are constantly being updated based on the orders received relative to planned and confirmed intensifier shipments. Cold Harbour Supply Inc. receives finite, periodic, scheduled shipments of intensifiers. Therefore, if all of the intensifiers in a shipment are all allocated, then the delivery date for new orders will also shift.

As a simple example - Let's say we have 50 intensifiers arriving on or prior to October 20th, with another 50 arriving on November 10th. We will accept orders until all 50 intensifiers are allocated, and each system is completed as the intensifiers are received (we sometimes receive split shipments of intensifiers). Once the October 20th allocation is filled, the November 10th allocation is opened.

Simply put: we know exactly how many tubes are coming each month and exactly when they will arrive. Rather than take your order and money, tell you arbitrarily "6-8 weeks", then blow past this date, we believe in providing full transparency on the timeline so when you place an order, you know exactly when you will receive your device.

As our suppliers have been early on their deliveries, we as a result, have been early on most of our deliveries so far in Q1 and Q2 2022  and hope that continues. 

We have proactively ramped up our orders with our suppliers and it is our goal to have IN-STOCK night vision in Q1 2023.