US Milspec lens comparison - Carson vs Edmund Optics

Following up on our IG Reels HERE, here's an addendum to that segment with screencaps to show higher clarity. Still images have a limitation of omitting noise flux but it does show more static image characteristics such as contrast, sharpness, etc.

All images can be clicked to show the 4K high-res screen caps.

First up is the classic Carson "teal" lens.


Second is Edmund Optics.


Last is current-production Carson.


Lastly, here are some screen caps showing off-axis flare suppression. Pay attention to the light source inside the garage at 8 o'clock.

Teal lens:


Edmund Optics:


New Carson:


Observations (in no particular order):
• Old Carsons maintain sharpness over a larger centre zone (pay attention to the markings on the satellite dish on top of the garage), but off-axis flare suppression is not as good as Edmund or Carson when panning
• Edmund lenses improve on flare suppression over old Carson but has less  very slightly less contrast than current Carson lenses
• Off-axis flare suppression is slightly better on Carsons vs Edmund
• All three lenses exhibit excellent rectilinear performance

Carsons appear to represent the best balance in terms of contrast and flare suppression compared to other lenses in this control group. Old Carsons are no longer produced, and a larger "sweet spot" is desirable, but flare suppression falls short of current-production lenses. How much does all of this really matter? In a practical sense, higher contrast will yield better detection levels. That being said, the difference is subtle and slight but present.