CHS Night Shoot & Demo Event - Kamloops - April 20

We are pleased to partner with Kamloops Target Sports Association for an NVG/Thermal instructional demo and IPSC/USPSA-style night shoot on April 20, 2024. The event is in 2 parts:

  • An open exhibition/demo at the KTSA Indoor Range from 1pm to 5pm (no live fire). No signups necessary and not a pre-requisite for the live-fire night portion. This is for individuals who cannot make the evening event but are curious about night vision and thermal devices.
  • A live-fire night shoot featuring one or more IPSC/USPSA-style stages, and one static shooting line, and an opportunity to demo and use NVGs and thermals in a competitive and friendly timed shoot. This is not a formal match and is not ranked. 


The live-fire night shoot is open to both KTSA members and the general public but REQUIRES THE SIGNING OF THE WAIVER PRIOR TO THE EVENT (CLICK TO REVIEW & SIGN). Note that ONLY THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS will be able to shoot the IPSC/USPSA-style stages:

  • IPSC Black Badge holders
  • Active CAF members
  • Active LE personnel
  • A Guest of one of the above who must be also be in attendance at all times (maximum 1 guest per the above)

Unsafe conduct or individuals deemed by the RSO on duty to be unfit for dynamic range use will be asked to move to the static range. All others are welcome to attend and will be able to shoot at the static line and try out devices at the booth. Attendance will be capped and only those who have signed the SmartWaiver will be checked in. No walk-ons permitted.

Non-MIL/LE attendees will be cross-referenced against the active IPSC BB book and will be provided an email authorization to shoot the IPSC stages prior to the event. CAF members and LE personnel must email their current NDI20, or copy of department card, respectively, to prior to the event. Dynamic range-authorized attendees will be marked by a different colour glowstick at the event.

Please follow all provincial and federal firearm laws if you are planning on bringing your own firearms and review KTSA's Range Rules HERE. Failure to sign the waiver, abide by the range rules, safety violations, abuse towards other participants and/or staff and volunteers will result in the immediate ejection from the event. Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse.


We will be offering night vision devices and complete headborne setups for rental on a pre-paid, reservation basis, available HERE. A small number of non-rental, demo devices will be also be available at our booth to be used in and around the booth area for short periods. Individuals wishing to try a device for an extended period of time or for the duration of the event is highly encouraged to reserve a device ahead of time. 

The following popular devices will be available for demo:

AGENDA: (please check back to this page 48 hours prior to the event as the timings may change slightly)

There will be a short 1-hour instructional segment at the beginning of the event going over basic night vision employment, best practices, kit setup and gear considerations. If you are interested in owning night vision or interested in improving your setup, we highly recommend you attend this segment at 6:30pm.

Participants must arrive for the 7:30pm safety brief and will be given wristbands and glowsticks. For liability reasons, only individuals with wristbands and glowsticks may be at the event, regardless whether they are shooting at the event (spectators). Wristbands or glowsticks will not be given to those who miss the safety brief. In the interest of safety, please be on time. 

  • Gates open at 6pm and sign-in continues to 7:20pm; Gate closes at 7:30pm
  • Info Session at 6:30pm
  • Safety Brief at 7:30pm
  • Event is live at 8:00pm (order of shooters to be determined at the discretion of staff/volunteers and will be organized on-site)
  • Event ends at midnight. There will be a prize draw amongst the individuals who stay behind to assist in cleanup/takedown


Kamloops Target Sports Association (Outdoor Range)

We highly recommend staying in the area after the event to avoid a long drive after a long evening. There are a number of options such as the Holiday Inn Express just a few minutes into town.

KIT REQUIREMENTS (if you are shooting the IPSC stages at the event):

  • Pistol and/or rifle with at least 3 magazines; Guns must be in good, SAFE working order. Night-vision compatible red dot and/or laser preferred but not required. NO GUNS WILL BE PROVIDED.
  • At least 150 rounds of ammo (no ammo will be provided)
  • Belt rig and/or chest rig
  • Holster (only if you hold an IPSC Black Badge, IDPA equivalent, or KTSA-range holster qualification). NO SERPA holsters.
  • Civilian clothing ONLY.  No Camo clothing. (camouflage helmet covers, plate carriers and/or chest rigs are allowed)
  • Warm clothing
  • Water & Snacks as required
  • IFAK preferred but not required
  • Helmet with genuine on-spec night vision shroud (we will not spend time trying to get off-spec shrouds to work; genuine shrouds are available HERE)

NOTE: There will a small selection of products for sale at the event but if there is something specific you'd like to purchase and pick up the event, please contact us by April 14th to make arrangements.

If you have any questions, please email us at