We are proud to introduce our new night vision rental program, available to all residents and citizens of Canada. We offer both monocular and binocular night vision systems for rentals of 1 day to 1 week. 

Spyrons/PVS-14: 1 day: $75; 1 week: $250

DTNVS or comparable dual-tube system: 1 day: $150; 1 week: $500

All pricing is + HST
Any time elapsed past the 1 week will be charged at the daily rate.

Every rental will receive a promotional credit towards the device you have rented, valid for 180 days from the last day of your rental.

The process is simple: The premise is built on you "purchasing" the item in its entirety and then receiving a full refund less the rental fees upon return of the equipment. The process starts when you email us at with the dates that you require along with the equipment you need, and we will confirm availability. You will then proceed with a normal check-out, we will ship you the rental along with a pre-paid return label so that you will receive the rental for the dates you require. Once you have used and returned the rental to us, upon receipt and inspection, we will provide a refund to you of your full purchase price, less the rental fee outstanding. 

Example: You require a DTNVS for a one week rental starting August 13. At least one week prior (before August 6), you will complete the transaction and the DTNVS is en-route to you for an August 13 arrival. On August 21, you will drop the rental package off using the pre-paid return label and ensure that the package is scanned at the post office. Typically we would receive the package by August 29. If you drop the package off on August 25, you will be assessed for a 1 week + 5 day rental. Once the rental is received back to us and inspection is complete, we will issue the refund less rental fee.