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Boson Systems Proton MNVG Binocular NVG

Boson Systems Proton MNVG Binocular NVG

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The Boson Systems Proton MNVG is a revolutionary, full-metal, articulating binocular night vision system that offers unprecedented levels of modularity in mounting options, power delivery and distribution, and optic choices. Made from premium 7075T6 and 6061T6 aluminum, the Proton MNVG addresses durability concerns that plague most articulating binocular systems. 

Featuring your choice of NNVT NVT4-AG (autogated) 1600+ FOM, Photonis Echo 1600-2000 FOM, or Photonis Echo+ 2000+ FOM White Phosphor image intensifiers and the highest quality US Milspec PVS-14 lenses from Carson Industries/Edmund Optics, each Proton MNVG is cleaned, assembled, purged, and tested in-house with precision tools using our digital dry nitrogen purging rig, downdraft table, and HEPA-filtered clean room. For a small fee, Hand-Select tubes are also available. 

This build utilizes US Milspec Carson or Edmund optics for the highest levels of performance with no optical trade-offs such as reduced eyebox viewing window, excessive lens flaring, oddly-shaped flare artifacts, or distracting rings of light as seen on lightweight lens systems. Click HERE for an analysis on lightweight lens systems.

Each device will also be tested and collimated using our in-house Hoffman night vision test set and a full test report will accompany each unit.

High-Level Features:

  • Modular pod interface allows for quick and easy change of tubes and optics
  • Fully-sealed bridge and pods mean that components can be swapped without losing nitrogen purge
  • Upper and lower modular interfaces allow for easy swapping of power supply and mounting options.
  • EMI shielded electronics with power saving technology
  • Articulated binocular design providing low-profile helmet stowage and optional monocular use (future monocular module)
  • Dual, programmable on-board IR illuminators offer both flood and spot illumination
  • Flip up on/off on both optical pods.
  • Lightweight, low profile design
  • Compatible with standard PVS-14 optics and accessories

Tech Specs:

 Housing Weight 179g
Complete Weight (including PVS-14 optics) 569g
Materials 7075T6 and 6061T6 aluminum; 316L stainless steel, C464 Brass
IR Illuminators Programmable VCSEL 18 and 60 degrees
Waterproofing IP-68; 66 feet for 2 hours; MIL-STD-810H
Battery Life 25 hours with CR123A
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