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Low Light Innovations LLUL-21 - Housing Kit

Low Light Innovations LLUL-21 - Housing Kit

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** Latest generation with aluminum dovetail **

The Low Light Innovations LLUL-21 is the lightest night vision binocular on the market and lets users take advantage of high-performance milspec optics without sacrificing optical performance. Featuring a lightweight, durable polymer body, and weighing in at only 460grams complete, the LLUL-21 has all of the features you've come to expect of modern night vision binoculars: automatic shut-off of individual pods when articulated, inter-pupillary distance (IPD stops), and external battery support. 

By relocating the power source to the rear of the helmet via the INCLUDED battery pack (takes 4x AA), the LLUL-21 provides users with the perfect balance of both function and aesthetics via a reduction in frontal helmet weight, creating a truly functional rear counterweight, and reducing the total overall weight of the headborne system. This power supply also allows for up to an astonishing 90 hours of runtime.

The LLUL-21 also addresses two common concerns with modern night vision binoculars: the lag when pods are swiveled in and out of view, and functional IPD stops. The LLUL-21 features a unique anti-lag feature that instantly supplies power or cuts power to the pods and hard, adjustable IPD stops built directly into the housing without the need for an additional IPD stop kit.

WARRANTY: LIFETIME warranty on the housing; does not extend to intensifiers or other parts

Power Source 4x AA (external battery pack)
Operation Time Approximately 90 hours
IPD Adjustment Range 51 to 73mm
Weight 460g
Water Resistance Submersible to 66 feet
Intensifier Compatibility MX-10160 auto-gain
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