InfiRay CH50 V2
InfiRay CH50 V2
InfiRay CH50 V2
InfiRay CH50 V2

InfiRay CH50 V2

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**Special Order Item; Lead time 3 weeks**


The CH50 contains a crisp 50mm objective lens focusing the available thermal radiation. The field of view on this thermal clip-on is 8.8 by 7 degrees. It features a 4 times digital zoom to enlarge your subject.

Behind the lens of the CH50 you can find the (uncooled, 12 micrometer) 640 x 512 pixels core refreshing the image at 50Hz. The thermal contrast (NETD) of this thermal clip-on is <40mK.

The physical dimensions of this thermal clip-on read 175 x 74 x 68mm (lwh) weighing in at 570 grams. This device is rated IP66. It handles dust, shocks and water (splashes).

The CH50 can be used in hunting adventures and police operations.


  • OLED Display
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • No Re-Zeroing required
  • Extended battery compartment
  • Ultra-clear Mode


Lens 50 mm
Digital zoom 4 x
FOV (h/v) 8.8 ° / 7.0 °
Thermal type Uncooled
Sensor resolution (h/v) 640 pixels / 512 pixels
Pixel pitch 12 µm
Sensitivity 40 mK
Display resolution (h/v) 1024 pixels / 768 pixels
Refresh rate 50 Hz
Output screen color Full color