Cadex vs Wilcox G24 Mounts - A Comparison

Cadex vs Wilcox G24 Mounts - A Comparison

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We get asked a lot about the benefits of the Cadex mount and how it compares to the G24. As always, we'll show you.

The biggest difference between the Cadex mount and the G24 is the increased fore/aft travel. Not only does the Cadex get the incumbent device closer to your eyes, eliminating the "drinking straw" effect and giving you full view of your viewing window, it also extends substantially farther than the G24, providing additional versatility for other mission-essential equipment for gas masks and other high-profile face protection.

The second difference is the adjustable dovetail built into the Cadex shoe. This clever mechanism allows you to dial in the perfect solid lock-up that is so coveted by NVG users and even accommodates for off-spec dovetails. Two black-oxide screws ensure this adjustment does not come loose.

The third difference is the height adjustment. The Cadex has an increased height adjustment range allowing users the flexibility to use a wide variety of devices. A common downside to the RNVG housing is the short distance between the optic centre-line and the dovetail mount, resulting in the RNVG sitting too high and forcing users to unnaturally tilt their helmets down to accommodate. The Cadex mount takes the height adjustment a step further by providing two additional mounting holes to completely re-mount the base, providing an additional one inch of height differential.

The fourth difference, although subtle, is the increased tilt adjustment range. This flexibility will allow users to dial in the perfect tilt angle of the incumbent device, removing any need to angle the helmet to accommodate.

The last differences lie in the use of materials on various controls. On the Wilcox L4 family of products, the adjustment mechanisms are cast with polymer and the height adjustment lever is a frequent source of breakage. On the Cadex mount, these control surfaces are all made of aluminum for increased strength and durability.

The Cadex is made in Canada 🇨🇦 and offered with a full warranty.

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