Trade-in/Trade-Up Program

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Trade-In/Trade-Up Program that can get you up to 10% off any upgrade device. 

We realize that in today's ever-evolving and ever-growing world of night vision, users will reach a point in their growth where they may want to trade-in or trade-up to a new device. Whether it's from a PVS-14 Standard up to a Pro, or from a Tanto up to binoculars, or from Echo to Echo+, we're here to help you every step of the way.

How it works is very simple - if you own a Cold Harbour Supply night vision device, and you'd like to trade-in or trade-up, simply contact us with your device serial number and photos of your device. We will provide you with a preliminary trade-in quote based on the condition and age of the device. Upon acceptance, you will ship your device to us for analysis and receive a final trade-in estimate and credit that can be applied towards the trade-up to a new device. But that's not all - Trade-ups from CHS-branded devices are eligible for up to 10% off any upgrade device.

If you do not have a Cold Harbour Supply device but would still like to trade-in, you are eligible for up to 5% off any upgrade device.


Terms & Conditions

  • Not valid and cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupon codes
  • Trade-up discount must be applied at the time of the trade-up. Users cannot trade-in their device and retain the credit to be used at a later date. 
  • Users do not have to be the original purchaser. However, the serial number of the device will be verified to ensure that it is a CHS-branded device.
  • CHS reserves the right to decline to accept a trade-in depending on condition, age, and brand of device.