Jerry-YM vs MH25

Jerry-YM vs MH25

With the introduction of the new Jerry-YM thermal monocular, we thought it would be helpful to include a summary of key differences between it and the well-established MH25. While the MH25 V2 is substantially improved over the V1, the Jerry-YM does have some key improvements that are worth considering.

Jerry-YM Pros:

  • Lighter weight (228g vs 315g)
  • Accepts 18650s natively
  • Includes a helmet-mounting solution out of the box (includes L4G24-style NVG mount and dovetail rail with adjustable IPD)
  • "Scene" optimized thermal profiles (more testing required if these even make a difference practically)
  • Comes in a hard case
  • On-board compass and accelerometer

MH25 V2 Pros:

  • Larger eyebox compared to the Jerry-YM
  • Eyepiece does not articulate (Jerry-YM's eyepiece moves forward and backwards when adjusting diopter which forces you to move the device forwards and backwards to compensate)
  • More intuitive controls via rotary wheel (click to NUC, turn rotary wheel to zoom)
  • Better menu system and easier to operate overall (subjective opinion)
  • Has audio recording capabilities
  • Mini-rail mounting system on MH25 is more common (Jerry-YM has its own proprietary 3-hole mounting pattern which makes mounting on a bridge impossible without making an adapter)
  • Better lens protection via the MH25's built-in iris system (Jerry-YM uses a rubber cap that is difficult to secure elegantly when using the device)
  • Much better USB-C cable routing (if used with the KUULA-brand 180 degree USB-C cable); Jerry-YM is not compatible with 180-degree USB-C cables and will block the controls, essentially forcing you to route the USB-C cable forwards, creating a snag hazard
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