Cold Harbour Night Vision Workshop Series

The Cold Harbour 201 Workshop, and NV Scenarios are designed to provide prospective, new, and experienced owners of night vision systems an overview into all aspects of night vision devices and usage in dynamic environments. The sessions are split into NV201, and NV Scenarios that tailor to different knowledge and experience levels. 

These instructor-led, 4-hour sessions will dive into a variety of topics, practice, and applications including, but not limited to : helmet, gear, and weapon setup and considerations, movement and manipulations under NVGs, employment of white and IR lights, passive vs active IR aiming, threat assessment and engagement.

The NV201 session will be run in a true "workshop" format and is best suited for individuals who already own night vision and are looking to understand and practise advanced, applied principles around employment of night vision and ancillary devices, movement, entry, and thermal device considerations. The focus of the event are drills and the majority of the event will be practical and under low- to no-light.

The NV Scenarios is for experienced NV users who are looking to hone their skills in a force-on-force applications scenario. The 4-hour session will be broken up into several scenario-based objectives and participants will be challenged with not only the pressure of time, but a determined opposing force. At the conclusion of each scenario, a group debrief and discussion will explore how to improve and gain an advantage for subsequent engagements.

Cost: $50 + HST for each session
$100 + HST if a night vision rental is required (limited availability)
At the conclusion of the class, participants will receive a $50 credit voucher that will go towards any purchase of $300 or more from Cold Harbour Supply, valid for 180 days. (Limit one voucher per person)

Class size - limited to 12 people (NV201); 20 people (NV Scenarios)
Instructors - 2-4
Dates: July 9 (NV201); July 10 (NV Scenarios)
Time: 8am to noon (both days)
Location: Siege Airsoft

Skill Prerequisites (applicable for NV201 only):

  • Expert familiarity and proficiency around primary weapon system (no advanced NVG experience necessary)

Required Gear/Equipment 

  • Chest rig or plate carrier with at least two (2) magazine pouches
  • Belt rig with at least two (2) magazine pouches
  • Helmet, properly fitted to user’s head with universal shroud
  • Primary weapon system with the following:
    • Weapon light with at least 300 lumens, securely mounted
    • Red dot sight, securely mounted and zeroed, with a spare battery (high mount >1.93” is HIGHLY recommended)
    • At least two batteries (if AEG); or full tank of HPA
    • Reliable sling
  • At least 500 rounds of quality ammunition
  • At least five (5) functional magazines


  • Active & Passive aiming engagements
  • Light & Laser Discipline
  • Shooting on the move
  • Working with and against white lights
  • Low/No-light manipulations
  • Timed & Scored courses of fire

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