Hoffman ANV-126A-001 and HVS-001 night vision test set

The Hoffman ANV-126A-001 night vision test set is a digital light measurement device designed specifically to evaluate complete night vision systems. Devices are first assembled and operable prior to using the test set and each device is evaluated by Hoffman-trained technicians on a holistic system level. While image intensifier performance is provided by the manufacturer via the specifications sheet, this does not account for image degradation, optical refraction, and in the case of binocular systems, proper collimation. This step of evaluation is critical as it is the sole determining factor of the actual in-person experience.

The second key piece of the overall night vision test set is the HVS-126A digital system which consists of a high-resolution camera that is able to capture images as viewed through each device window. The following metrics are able to be captured, recorded, and stored in our secure data warehouse for each specific device:

  • Image intensifier and device serial numbers
  • System Resolution as defined by the USAF 1951 resolution chart
  • Spot Defects & Bright Spot Detection
  • System Gain
  • Binocular Collimation and Alignment
  • Infinity Focus Adjustment
  • Diopter Calibration
  • Evaluation date & time & technician

The Hoffman night vision test set is one of the only devices in the world able to perform the full suite of tests above and Cold Harbour Supply is proud to be the only Canadian night vision detailer able to offer this level of testing and transparency to its users. Each system assembled by Cold Harbour Supply will be accompanied by a matching and certified 4-8 page Hoffman test report for you to keep.