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Universal Strobe Battery Pack (PVS-31A style)

Universal Strobe Battery Pack (PVS-31A style)

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The USBP (Universal Strobe Battery Pack) is a PVS-31A -style battery pack that holds 4x AA batteries and provides over 60 hours of battery life to most night vision devices on the market today. Made from a proprietary reinforced polymer blend that is crush- and impact-resistant, the Universal Strobe Battery Pack is finished in a stealthy matte black and has two (2) x high-power IR LEDs on the top to allow marking and identification at distance. The IR indicators are enabled/disabled with an easily-accessed toggle switch located on the bottom left of the battery pack and can be actuated even with gloves. 

The USBP is tested to IP67 waterproof with and without a power lead attached. 

The USBP is available with your choice of power leads to suit almost all common night vision devices:

  • 4-pin Fischer: PVS-31A, BNVD-1531, LLUL-21, BNVD-1431, BNVD-931
  • 4-pin LEMO (0B): RNVG, RNVG-A, RPNVG, ANVIS-6, ANVIS-9, Nocturn Industries Katana & Daisho (equipped with LEMO port)
  • 2-pin LEMO (00B): Nocturn Manticore-R, Samurai-R, Chimera, Katana-R

Please verify the type of remote power port you have via the reference product photos.

The USBP is also available as a discounted bundle with our BRICK counterweight pouch for the most streamlined setup. 

The 4-pin LEMO (0B) cable is available for purchase separately HERE.

NOTE: Your device must have an external power port to accept external power. (eg: PVS-14s do not have an external power port and therefore does not accept external/offboard power). We recommend lithium batteries for all night vision devices.

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