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Argus A4 LWNVM (Light Weight Night Vision Mount)

Argus A4 LWNVM (Light Weight Night Vision Mount)

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The Argus LWNVM (Light Weight Night Vision Mount) is a close replica of the Wilcox G24 style of night vision mounts and adds additional lightening cuts throughout, similar to the G69, but retains the same breakaway function of the L4 series of mounts. The LWNVM has three axes of adjustment : fore/aft, up/down, and tilt to allow users to dial in the position of their night vision device perfectly. 

This mount uses a dovetail interface and is compatible with the standard helmet shroud. It weighs in at an impressive 137g and is constructed out of high grade aluminum.

The LWNVM mount features a low profile design that sits very close to the helmet when stowed and lowers the operator's perceived weight of the complete night vision setup. The ergonomic design allows for simple one-handed operation for not only stowage/deployment, but also adjustments in all three axes. Additionally, the mount includes a safety breakaway feature that enables it to automatically detach from the helmet shroud when pressure exceeds its limit, preventing snagging on parachute cords or foreign objects. This enhances user safety during parachute jumps and running, reducing the risk of neck injuries.

This mount is compatible with any night vision device that has a standard Wilcox pattern dovetail interface. It is NOT compatible with bayonet mounting systems.

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