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Cadex Low Profile Flip-up NVG Mount with Break-Away

Cadex Low Profile Flip-up NVG Mount with Break-Away

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** 2024 Updates! The new batch of mounts are now FDE instead of gold, they have also been lightened with more cutouts to reduce additional weight. 
The Cadex Dovetail Low Profile NVG Break-Away Mount offers improvements over existing mounts in several key areas:
  • Force-to-overcome to stow eliminates chances of neck injuries (If the NVG is bumped or impacted the Low Profile Flip Up Mount will fold and lock in upright position)
  • Push-button to deploy eliminates accidental deployments under harsh bumps
  • User-Adjustable dovetail shoe to fit off-spec devices
  • Toggle-able breakaway feature in all mounts
  • Increased overall fore/aft rail travel places NVGs substantially closer to the user's eye and farther out to accommodate for gas masks and other eyewear compared to industry mounts such as the Wilcox G24 (~2 inches of travel)
  • Steel-reinforced tilt adjustment plate eliminates common failure point
  • Intuitive NVG device release lever allows rapid removal of NVG device but is shielded by fore/aft adjustment rails
  • Ergonomic “one touch” spring-loaded height adjustment allows operator to adjust height with one hand.
  • Low profile follows helmet contour when folded.
  • Six position adjustable mounting plate fits numerous facial profiles and helmet mounting systems.

Dimensions 3.83″ x 2.88″ x 3.06″
  9.73 x 7.33 x 7.77 cm
Weight 0.368 lbs
  165 grams
Material CNC Aluminum
Breakaway Yes
Colours Tan or Black Hard Anodize
Country of Origin  Canada
Bundle and SAVE with an AX-14 J-Arm

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