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Cold Harbour NOODL (Night Observation & Operations Device Lanyard) V2

Cold Harbour NOODL (Night Observation & Operations Device Lanyard) V2

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The Cold Harbour NOODL (Night Observation and Operations Device Lanyard) is a simple and cost-effective way to provide stability and true NVG retention in the case of accidental breakaway. Unlike solutions that rely on velcro which can be easily disengaged by foliage and other snags, the NOODL connects directly to any helmet hard point and hooks onto any night vision device.

V2 now adds a small cordura loop (made by Macabre Solutions) for the front helmet bolt for an easier and lower profile install.

By using the front Arc-Rail bolts on most commonly-fielded helmets, users can create the perfect length of shock cord that offers both stability and retention with the NVG in its deployed position. The NOODL does not require attachment to the Arc-Rail and can be configured to attach to any point on a helmet based on operator requirements.

Installation and configuration is simple:

  1. Attach split ring to host NVG device and attach NVG to helmet in the deployed position
  2. Create a loop with the bungee through the included Cordura tether point and tie off a knot. Install heatshrink
  3. Remove front Arc-Rail bolt from helmet. Thread bolt through Cordura tether point and re-install bolt
  4. Slide 2nd piece of heatshrink on
  5. Attach stainless carabiner to the NVG device split ring
  6. Measure the appropriate length of bungee that will give slight tension to the device and loop the open end of the bungee through the carabiner hole
  7. Tie a knot
  8. Slip heat shrink over the last knot and apply heat to finalize installation

The NOODL comes as a fully configurable kit and includes:

  • 1x 4" elastic shock cord
  • 1x 0.6" diameter black-oxide split ring
  • 2x heat shrink for sealing shock cord
  • 1x 1/8" mini stainless carabiner
  • 1x Multicam Cordura tether loop made by Macabre Solutions

NOTE: The NOODL is not recommended for use for airborne or high-angle operations. The NOODL is also a single point retention device, if you would like total tension on your entire NVG, buy two. 

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