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Infiray Jerry-FB Thermal Fusion Goggle

Infiray Jerry-FB Thermal Fusion Goggle

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The Jerry-FB Thermal Fusion Goggle provides both thermal and night vision capabilities in one complete goggle system. Historically users would have to choose between night vision, or helmet-mounted thermal, and switch between the two; or use an objective Clip-On Thermal Imager like the JerryC, but the JerryFB combines all of these functions into a single device. This device features a thermal system over the right eye that gathers thermal signatures, processes them and then "fuses" them with the image from the night vision intensifier to provide a real-time thermal overlay. This capability provides the best of both worlds - the low-light capabilities of analog night vision, with the rapid highlight/detection capabilities of thermal. 

One of the limitations of the traditional Clip On Thermal Imager (COTI)s like the JerryC is that because it is an objective-side thermal overlay, and therefore works by projecting light into the host night vision device externally. The effectiveness decreases in high light environments where the ambient light surpasses that of what the COTI can put out. The JerryFB has does not have this limitation because the thermal overlay is done internally at the ocular (eye) side and the thermal overlay will not get "washed out" by ambient light. Finally, with a single off-board battery pack that powers both thermal and night vision, users do not need to run multiple battery packs to get a multi-spectrum solution.

The JerryFB features a generous 19mm thermal objective lens and is capable of detecting man-sized targets out to 1.5km and vehicles out to 3km, and has multiple thermal modes including full thermal, outline, and highlight along with the option to disable thermal completely and use the goggles in traditional analog night vision mode. The thermal overaly offset is adjustable via the on-board menu system similar to the JerryC so users can calibrate the thermal and night vision images to be aligned. 


JerryFB Features

  • Built-in hard IPD adjustment knobs
  • External Power Supply 
  • NNVT NVT4 1400 FOM White Phosphor intensifiers onboard (Spec Sheets included)
  • Manual Gain
  • Independent Pod Shut-off
  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • High-resolution 640x512 12um thermal core
  • +2 to -4 adjustable diopter eyepieces
  • Built-in compass and ability to accept external video signals
  • Battery Life: 8h (thermal); 100h (night vision only)
  • Mounting Interface: Dovetail
  • Weight: 600g (with intensifiers); 320g (battery pack and cables)
  • Manual gain: Supported but requires manual gain intensifiers


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