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US Milspec Objective Lens

US Milspec Objective Lens

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The Noctis Technologies (formerly Carson Industries) Optics PVS-14 lenses are industry-leading US Milspec lenses that surpass all others in the areas of rectilinear performance, off-axis flare suppression, light transmission, and contrast. These highly sought-after lenses are easily identified by the deep blue/teal anti-reflective coatings on both front and back lens surfaces.

Photos show Edmund Optics lenses, but Noctis Technologies (formerly Carson Industries) lenses are also available. From our testing, there is a marginal nuanced difference with Noctis Technologies (formerly Carson Industries) producing a very slightly higher contrast. If you have a preference on which lens, please specify in the order notes.

Some lenses will have some traces of white lithium grease from the factory to aid in installation.

This listing does not include objective lens retaining rings. If you need those, get them HERE.

For a comparison between popular US Milspec options, please check out our blog post HERE.

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