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Cold Harbour Defender PVS-14 NV lens protector

Cold Harbour Defender PVS-14 NV lens protector

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Protect your expensive night vision optics against debris, abrasion and impacts with these objective and ocular lens protectors. 

The Cold Harbour PVS-14 NV Defender lens protectors offer improvements over existing offerings in several key areas:
  • custom designed lens ring with a smooth bevel so it doesn't scratch up your glasses or eyepro if you want to move your NV device closer to your eyes
  • precision CNC-machined proprietary lenses mean a clean edge and no laser burn marks on polycarbonate
  • elegantly shaped texturing on the circumference of the ring allows you to properly tighten and torque the lens protector on your lens assembly - no more rattling lens protectors that come loose after a few outings!
  • over 90% light transmission on a new coated lens means the highest light transmission with over 35x the scratch-resistance over traditional uncoated polycarbonate or acrylic
  • lens is chemically resistant against paints and adhesives, UV coated and warrantied for 10 years against yellowing
  • Impact tested to 400fps with 0.2g BBs and Simunitions and UTMs - multiple hits at point-blank range (see video HERE)
  • Matte anodized, anti-reflective finish 


These have been tested to work perfectly with any NV device that takes US MILSPEC PVS14 lenses, such as: PVS-1531, DTNVG, DTNVS, RNVG, Mod3, BNVD, PVS-7B, PVS-7D, etc. They have been tested to work on the following lenses:

  • Noctis Technologies (formerly Carson Industries) objective and ocular
  • Optronics objective (oculars will require an adapter, please let us know in the order notes and we will include one)
  • Spyron oculars (some objectives may require some teflon tape due to slightly off-spec lens threads)
  • ACT oculars

In some situations where off-spec lenses are used, the protectors can be made to work by applying a thin strip of teflon tape to fill in the tolerance differences.

    Available in three options:

    • Clear polycarbonate (the classic - impact resistance, scratch resistance, wipes clean with a cloth with no scratching)
    • Amber (for use with green-phosphor image intensifier tubes, dulls the harsh contrast of the green/black image, less impact- and scratch-resistant than polycarbonate due to the material used to achieve the colour)
    • Glass (very thin, optical grade,  anti-reflection-coated glass provides the absolute highest light transmittance with the scratch-resistance you'd come to expect over standard polycarbonate; Because glass is thinner, this will also allow you to use the NV Defender with accessories that need to clip onto an eyecup retaining ring - sold separately) - Due to the extreme thin-ness of the glass, it is quite fragile and we only recommend them for static applications eg: astrophotography

    Sold in singles. (If you need front/rear protection for binocular NV, purchase 4x)

    The clear polycarbonate lens protectors have a LIFETIME WARRANTY against breakage. If you somehow shatter your lens, we will provide you a replacement, no questions asked.

    NOTE: You will not be able to use the ocular eyecup retaining ring with the Defender NV optics protector due to the low-profile nature of the protector. If you are planning on using a night vision recording device and require the use of eyecup retaining rings, please select the "Glass" option. The protector will ship with a thinner optical-grade glass lens that, while offering less ballistic protection, will provide the highest optical clarity and light transmittance and will allow you sufficient threads to use the retaining ring.


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