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InfiRay JerryC COTI (Clip-On Thermal Imager)

InfiRay JerryC COTI (Clip-On Thermal Imager)

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 ** Only In Stock Variants Listed **

**Bundle and SAVE - All JerryC CE2 and CE5 units from Cold Harbour Supply are offered with your choice of the factory battery cable or our exclusive JerryC Straight Cable **

The Iray / InfiRay JerryC is a family of Clip-On Thermal Imagers (COTI) that feature your choice of a 384x288 or 640x512 resolution, 12um sensor with a 50Hz refresh rate.

The JerryC easily attaches to existing night vision devices (NVDs) to instantly add thermal detection capabilities by overlaying a thermal image on top of the analog image intensified image, creating multi-spectrum capability and removing the need to switch to a completely separate device. Unlike legacy clip-on thermal devices, the JerryC provides 20 or 30.5 degrees of thermal overlay for increased thermal field of view. With a standard quick disconnect, the JerryC interfaces to any night vision devices that also accepts PVS-14 optics, such as the DTNVS, Katana, and AB Night Vision products.

Model Differences: C2 vs CE2 vs C5 vs CE5

The primary differences between the C2 and C5 is the core resolution, and Field of View that the thermal overlay occupies. The difference between the "C" and the "CE" models is the inclusion of the external battery pack, and the CE models exclusively use an outboard battery pack while the C models can accept both onboard and outboard power (battery pack not included on the C models). Detection ranges are the same across the entire product family.

C2 CE2 C5 CE5
Resolution 384x288 384x288 640x512 640x512
FOV 20° 20° 30.5° 30.5°
Power Supply Dual Battery Pack Only Dual Battery Pack Only


 A common complaint of clip-on thermal imagers is the additional weight it adds to host systems and the limited battery life. The JerryC's "CE" devices solves both of these problems by eliminating the onboard battery compartment, moving the power source to a larger external battery pack (included), reducing frontal helmet weight and offering over 8 hours of continuous battery life. NOTE: the JerryC battery pack accepts 18650 flat-top batteries.

The latest version of the JerryC now allows users to calibrate the location/offset of the thermal image so that they can line up the analog night vision and thermal images perfectly. A copy of these instructions will be included with every JerryC from us.

In addition, the JerryC now "remembers" the orientation/settings from the last time the unit was on, even with the power disconnected.

WARRANTY INFO: Standard 3-year warranty from Infiray Canada

NOTE: You will NOT be able to use refocus devices like the Matbock Tarsier Eclipse or Phokus Hoplite caps when using the JerryC devices due to the geometry of the system and how the JerryC mounts and projects onto your objective lens.

Key Features

 Sensor 384 x 288 or 640x512, 12um pixel pitch
Detection Range >1000m
Field of View 20 (C2/CE2) or 30.5 degrees (C5/CE5)
Optical zoom 1x
Display Modes White Hot, Highlight, Outline
Weight 78g (CE2/CE5); 110g (C2/C5)
Waterproof IP67
Operating Temperature
-40°C to + 60°C

The JerryC enhances the functionality of currently fielded NVD's by adding a thermal overlay to the traditional image intensified night vision scene without modifying existing hardware. This addition of thermal imaging capability provides to two major benefits: Thermal detection capabilities while using NVD's and increased situational awareness in extreme low light, no light, or foliated conditions where night vision devices are limited. In addition, the JerryC system contains a powerful internal micro-processor that permits custom configuration of the unit. The variable user configuration enables the best mission centric performance. 

Low power consumption, optimal sensor technology and high-performance optics integrate seamlessly to provide state-of-the-art long-wave infrared technology. Since the JerryC mounts on currently existing NVDs with a simple bracket, the clip-on technology allows increased capabilities without the need to refit helmets for special equipment. The small and lightweight design consumes very little power allowing extended use. This version of the JerryC family of devices features an outboard, external battery pack that can be mounted on the rear of the user's helmet, providing over 8 hours of continuous use. Additionally, JerryC's waterproof and rugged construction can withstand the harshest environments.

When added to a standard I² system, the JerryC enables the user to detect thermal sources and improve situational awareness. Even in pitch-black, no-light, adverse environmental conditions, recognition range extends dramatically. With the JerryC, the user is even able to see darkened openings and detect residual heat - situational awareness at the highest level.

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