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Noisefighters Panobridge M1 Full-Metal Binocular Bridge

Noisefighters Panobridge M1 Full-Metal Binocular Bridge

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The Noisefighters Panobridge M1 is the first all-metal night vision bridge mount that features the popular panning concept pioneered by the original polymer Panobridge. Machined in the USA from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy and weighing only 1.9oz (53g) it weighs the same as a polymer USGI J-arm yet is durable and rugged. 

For those who need on-the-fly pan angle adjustment with the ability to individually lock each side, extreme rigidity, and bulletproof durability, the M1 is the best choice. To adjust the pan angle, simply grab one arm and firmly rotate the friction-based mechanism. To mechanically lock an arm at the chosen pan angle, take a 3/32" hex wrench or the 3/32" bit from the included NVAT (Night Vision Accessory Tool) and tighten the top-mounted set screw.

The Noisefighters Panobridge M1 weighs only 1.9 oz total in its standard configuration with two PVS-14 arms installed, and only 2.3 oz total with one PVS-14 and one thermal monocular arm, making it the lightest metal bridge mount ever offered for professional use, alongside our own M-ZERO and M-SEVEN Panobridges. This is approximately 65% less weight than the KVC® Universal Night Vision Bridge with OSS shoe sets installed, approximately 25% less than the IC® Dual PVS-14 Light Weight Mounting System.

The Panobridge is compatible with the latest line of accessory mounting options including:

  • Metal QD Dovetail Adapter for use with the Adjustable Dovetail Shoe for STINGIR, NOX18 and Jerry-YM
  • Metal Mini-rail Arm for use with MH25, MINI-14, and MUM-14
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