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Ops-Core FAST SF Carbon Helmet

Ops-Core FAST SF Carbon Helmet

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**Bundle with a set of 4D Tactical helmet pads and SAVE**

The OPS-CORE FAST SF Carbon Helmet is the ideal choice for reliable protection and comfort for extended periods in applications that do not require ballistic protection. This ultra-lightweight and rugged platform is designed with a super high cut, bump shell made from a hybrid of Unidirectional composite of the most advanced carbon and fiberglass materials. Featuring a shell geometry that delivers critical coverage, this FAST tactical helmet provides enhanced impact protection from blunt trauma, making it optimal for rugged training, recce, airborne and water operations, and fast roping.

The lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud (MBS) reduces the risk of snag hazards and interference, and carabiner clips improve NVG attachment and stability. The bungees also feature closed loop clips for goggle retention. The user-based design prioritizes comfort, with vent holes in the helmet shell that boost airflow, reduces sweat condensation, and reduces heat stress. Like other Ops-Core FAST tactical helmets, the FAST SF Carbon Composite helmet seamlessly integrates with other Ops-Core helmet accessories, such as the Ops-Core AMP® Communication Headset, for a complete protective lightweight headborne system.

The FAST SF Carbon Helmet features Ops-Core’s retention system and Vented Lux Liner.  The Vented Lux Liner features a recessed channel for over the head headsets so users can put on and take off their helmet without removing their headset.

In addition, the FAST SF Carbon features the newly redesigned skeletonized arc rails.  The skeletonized rails feature the same traditional mounting pattern, however, are 30% lighter than legacy rails and have increased tie down locations for cables and other added gear.

SIZING INFO (Head Circumference):

Size Head Circumference (inches)

20-7/8 to 22


22 to 23-1/4


23-1/4 to 24-3/8


24-3/8 - 25-3/8

For sizing and measurement info, please watch THIS video.

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