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Ready to Ship AB Nightvision RNVG-A (ARNVG) Binocular NVG

Ready to Ship AB Nightvision RNVG-A (ARNVG) Binocular NVG

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** Now available with Photonis 4G High Gain intensifiers **

Individual Intensifier specs listed in the dropdown; Scroll through product photos to see matching intensifier images. Not sure what the intensifier specs mean? See our guide HERE.

All Green Phosphor devices will ship with FREE amber filters.

The RNVG-A(Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle - Articulating), also known as the ARNVG, is an extremely rugged articulating binocular night vision goggle which features an onboard illuminator and battery pack capability. The RNVG-A offers superior ruggedness and durability from a billet machined aircraft grade aluminum housing. Using an aluminum housing provides extra impact resistance which far exceeds MIL-STD-810H drop testing.

The RNVG-A uses push button switches for both power and the Infrared Illuminator. The IR illuminator button is guarded by a fence with distinctive contours to prevent inadvertently activating the IR illuminator. Indicators in the viewing area alert the user if the IR illuminator is on, or if the unit senses a low battery condition.

The optical pods on the RNVG-A articulate along the bridge allowing the user to adjust inter-pupillary distance and stow the goggle. When the goggle is helmet mounted and in the stowed position, the optical pods can be folded back flat against the helmet to minimize neck strain and better protect the goggle, and the user, from impacting overhead objects. The optical pods automatically turn off when articulated up. This feature prevents illumination on your helmet when one side is articulated up and ensures that the image intensifiers are ‘off’ in the stowed position. The force required to swing the optical pods is user adjustable using a flat coin or brass in the field.

In addition to superior durability, the Articulating Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle offers a flexible power supply. The RNVG-A can be powered off the on board CR123 battery or with a lemo port compatible battery pack. This offers the user the ability to retain the ruggedness of a dovetail mounting system while running an external battery pack.

This build utilizes US Milspec Noctis Technologies (formerly Carson Industries) or Edmund optics for the highest levels of performance with no optical trade-offs such as reduced eyebox viewing window, excessive lens flaring, oddly-shaped flare artifacts, or distracting rings of light as seen on lightweight lens systems. Click HERE for an analysis on lightweight lens systems. Custom build options using lightweight RPO optics are available - please email us for custom build options. 

To reduce system weight with no optical penalties, add the Nocturn Industries Lightweight Diopters to this build - simply add them to cart along with this device and we will assemble them together.

Each device will also be tested and collimated using our in-house Hoffman night vision test set and a full test report will accompany each unit.


 Power Source 1x CR123A
Alternate Power Source LEMO battery pack (not included)
Operation Time ~16 hours
Interpupillary Adjustment 47mm to 80mm
Weight 567g with Milspec Optics
IR Illuminator Yes
Water Resistance Submersible to 66ft
IR and Low Battery Indicator Yes

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