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Cold Harbour BNVD-1531 JerryC COTI retrofit kit

Cold Harbour BNVD-1531 JerryC COTI retrofit kit

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Developed at the request of MIL/LE end-users, the Cold Harbour BNVD-1531 JerryC COTI retrofit kit consists of two parts:

  • Custom 6061-T6 aluminum mounting bracket to connect to the larger end-bell of the L3 BNVD-1531 binocular NVG
  • Projection Arm extension block to re-centre the JerryC projector for optimal viewing through the BNVD-1531

Custom JerryC Mounting Bracket

The JerryC COTI traditionally mounts to the infinity stop ring aft of the objective lens of most night vision devices, but the L3 BNVD-1531 has an internal infinity stop ring and a larger diameter end-bell on the housing that requires a custom-made mounting ring. Using a more secure 2-bolt clamp mechanism, the 6061T6 bracket will stand up to hard use while still allowing the quick attach/detach of the JerryC from the BNVD-1531. 

The custom bracket is designed to remain on the host night vision device so that units or departments can have the bracket mounted on all of the BNVD-1531s in the fleet and individual users can add the JerryC COTI capability as required. 

Projection Arm Extension Block

Because of the larger end-bell size and fixed projection arm length, using only the factory PVS-14 JerryC mounting bracket with the BNVD-1531 does not allow the thermal overlay to be centered in the night vision image. By adding an extension block, the projection arm is re-centered in the host night vision's view, restoring the thermal overlay as it was intended.

The extension block comes with 4 longer bolts and requires the removal of the 4 factory bolts holding the projection arm plate to the JerryC body. Once the factory bolts are removed (the data cable does not need to be disconnected), the extension blocks and the 4 longer bolts can be installed. (Note that this may compromise the waterproof rating on the JerryC; for department or unit-sized retrofits, CHS offers a retrofit service that will re-seal the JerryC after the extension block install; please contact us to inquire on this service) 

This retrofit kit is proudly made in Canada.

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