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Cold Harbour JerryC straight cable

Cold Harbour JerryC straight cable

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A common complaint of the factory InfiRay JerryC cable is the right-angle connector at the device. This right angle connector forces non-ideal cable routing, presents a potential snag hazard, and places unnecessary off-axis stress on the power port.

The Cold Harbour JerryC straight cable removes all of these issues by replacing the angled device connector with a straight connector. Users can now run the cable at a more natural, lower profile angle. The length of the cable has also been reduced by 3 inches for a total length of 22 inches port-to-port as the factory cable was too long.

The connection at the battery pack is still 90 degree to provide the most streamlined cable solution for the JerryC COTI.

This cable is tested to work perfectly and does not cause a low battery indicator that other "splitter" style cables have on the JerryC CE5s.

This cable is manufactured exclusively for Cold Harbour by InfiRay using the same materials and exacting standards as the factory cable.

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