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Grec X NVG Recorder

Grec X NVG Recorder

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** PVS-31A version will ONLY fit the PVS-31APVS-14 version will fit any device that has PVS-14 pattern optics, including but not limited to: Nocturn Industries, Low Light Innovations products, DTNVS, RNVG, RNVG-A, RPNVG, BNVD-1431, BNVD-1531, etc.  **

The Grec X NVG recorder is a lightweight, robust, and reliable recorder for your night vision device to record POV footage in exactly the same way as you're experiencing. The Grec X easily and securely installs onto your host night vision device that uses standard PVS-14 optics (or PVS-31A via the PVS-31A specific version), and can start recording in seconds without cumbersome wires that can snag and break. 

Other recorders automatically start recording as soon as power is supplied and only records in 1min increments, making usage and editing extremely cumbersome. The Grec X recorder has a Start/Stop button so the operator maintains full control over the start/stop point and duration of each clip. Built-in, low-brightness LED indicators in-line with your line of sight clearly indicate status (blue light = on; flashing blue = recording; no light = device is off; rapid flashing = insert memory card)

With its built-in microphone, it provides clear, usable audio that is synchronized with your footage. The low-profile camera arm is as low-profile as possible to reduce intrusion in your natural field of view - you can use your NVG as you normally would, and record at the same time. 


  • 1080p 60fps high bitrate video (footage can be interpolated in post-processing to 24fps to give slow-motion footage)
  • Internal Microphone
  • Support for 128GB micro SD cards (Class 10 preferred) - not included
  • Rechargeable via Micro-USB
  • Built-in internal battery
  • 5 Hours battery life
  • Compatible with any night vision device that uses PVS-14 eyepieces
  • Weight: 70g

     (Actual footage is recorded in 1920x1080 landscape format)

    On-board Start/Stop button

    The Grec X recorder features an on-board start/stop button and gives the user full flexibility to record precisely the clip they want. Other recorders on the market lack a start/stop control button, and can only record 1-minute clips. This makes editing and post-processing extremely cumbersome, and forces the user to keep recording for a full minute after their desired stop point, or risk corrupting the video clip. The start/stop button also doubles as an on/off button to conserve battery life when not in use. (hold to power on/off)

    LED indicator

    An on-board in-view LED indicator instantly lets the user know whether the device is recording or in standby mode. Constant on LED means the device is on and ready to record. When the LED is slowly flashing, it is recording. 

    On-Board Battery

    An efficient 5-hour battery is built into the recorder so users don't have to run external wires (snag hazard) or USB-power banks. Simply slide the recorder onto your PVS-14 eyepiece, press start, and record.

    On-Board High-Fidelity Microphone

    The on-board microphone instantly and seamlessly records audio that's perfectly sync'd to your video, maintaining footage integrity, retaining critical mission-relevant sound, and makes post-processing a breeze. A pinhole in the housing allows the recorder to record high-quality audio while minimizing dirt and dust intrusion.

    1080p 60fps video

    60fps video reduces motion blur, means you never lose the action and have the option to slow down the footage in post-production. 

    Low-Profile camera arm

    Because the main recording unit is placed further forward of the eyepiece, and the ultra-low profile camera arm cantilevered, this results in the least intrusive recording setup, and allows the user to get full view of the host night vision device, even with monocular setups. 


    Even with an on-board battery the entire recorder weighs only 70g

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