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Holosun LE321R / LE321G Multi-Function Light / Laser Device

Holosun LE321R / LE321G Multi-Function Light / Laser Device

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The Holsun LE321R / LE321G is a titanium-bodied multi-laser aiming device that includes a Class 2M IR laser, Class IIIA visible red laser ("R" model) or green laser ("G" model), IR illuminator and a 300 lumen white light. Perfect for platforms where rail space is limited or if weight is a concern, the LE321 has an extremely small and lightweight footprint for a device with so many features.

The IR laser, visible laser, and IR illuminator are all aligned together - zeroing one means all three are zeroed. The width of the IR illuminator flood is adjustable via a knob on the back of the laser.

The device has the following modes on-board:

  • IR laser Low
  • IR laser High
  • IR Illum only Low
  • IR Illum only High
  • Visible laser Low
  • Visible Laser High
  • White Light Low
  • Visible Laser & White Light Low
  • Visible Laser & White Light High
  • IR Illuminator High & IR laser Low

Featuring a quick-detach throw-lever mount, 2 built-in recoil lugs, remote pressure switch and port that accepts common L3/Crane style laser plugs, the LE321 also offers IPX8 water resistance for the ultimate in reliability.

  • High/Low brightness settings
  • On-board tactile push-button activation
  • L3/Crane pressure switch compatible (also comes with its own pressure pad)
  • Quick-detach picatinny mount
  • IPX8 waterproof
  • Ultra-matte finish with engraved markings
 Size 3.7x2.24x1.46 (in)
Weight 9.52oz
White LED Output 300 lumens
Visible laser output (red) 1mw (low)/5mW (high)
IR Illuminator Output 0.7mW
IR Laser Output 0.1mW (low)/0.7mW (high)
Adjustments per click 0.5MOA
Windage & Elevation Travel +/- 60MOA
Shock Resistance 1000G
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