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Cold Harbour Jerry Converter Rings for Jerry-14 and Jerry-31

Cold Harbour Jerry Converter Rings for Jerry-14 and Jerry-31

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** Temporarily sold out; ETA May 1, 2024 **

Adapter Rings are sold in singles, for Jerry-31 users, buy two.

The Cold Harbour Jerry Converter Rings allow users to install popular PVS-14 lens accessories onto an Infiray Jerry-14 or Jerry-31's objective lens in the most secure and elegant way possible. 

Installation is simple: Use the optional (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) retaining ring tool to remove the factory lens cell retaining ring and screw in the Converter Ring. Install your desired lens accessory such as our NV Defender protective sacrificial lenses or CHAD iris devices

The Converter Ring is knurled along its circumference, making not only attachment onto the host device easy and secure, but users can separate the ring from any lens accessory easily. 

Retaining Ring tool made in Canada by Volk CNC Machine

NOTE: Cold Harbour is not responsible for damage to the host objective lens from users attempting to remove the retaining ring with or without our tool. Care should be exercised around sensitive optics. The adapter rings will impede with the installation of COTI devices on the Jerry series NVGs. 

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