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Cold Harbour Ruggedized Aluminum J-Arm (RAJ)

Cold Harbour Ruggedized Aluminum J-Arm (RAJ)

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The Cold Harbour Ruggedized Aluminum J-arm (RAJ) was created for those seeking a simple, lightweight, rugged, full-aluminum dovetail mounting solution for a PVS-14.

Made in Canada from premium 6061T6 aluminum and Cerakoted, the RAJ features an optimized and unique arm geometry designed around the Cadex NVG mount and Wilcox NVG mounts to allow the PVS-14 to stow as closely to the helmet as possible. This arm geometry also allows the user to swing the PVS-14 out of view, similar to articulating binocular systems. The RAJ also allows the user to swing the PVS-14 from one eye to the other without the use of cumbersome buttons and other mechanisms that wear out and fail. The RAJ's arm swings on a precision-machined shaft for buttery smooth movement. Swing tension is pre-set for optimal use but can be loosened or tightened by the user as desired. Durable steel washers on each side of the arm prevent finish wear and maintains friction setting. 

A common complaint when attaching elastic retention tethers to PVS-14s is that they pull devices off-alignment. The RAJ solves this problem by incorporating a retention loop at the rear of the dovetail that also has the added benefit of pulling the device back into the dovetail in the event that the dovetail release button is accidentally depressed. The use of premium materials allows lightening cuts on the RAJ without sacrificing strength. Doing away with cumbersome and heavy knobs, buttons, pins and drums that are susceptible to wear and failure, the RAJ weighs in at only 36g, compared to 58g on comparable market offerings such as the GSCI or Wilcox J-arms. Reduced headborne weight provides extended wear comfort for the user and opens up the possibility of mounting other mission equipment such as thermal clip-on devices or mission recorders.

Made in Canada by Volk CNC Machine

Other features of the RAJ include:

  • True Milspec dovetail tolerances
  • Anti-rotation hump on mounting shoe to interface with slot in PVS-14
  • Mounting point is doglegged back 0.3" to bring the PVS-14 closer to the user's face, removing the "drinking straw" effect and providing a wider field of view through the PVS-14
  • Cerakoted stainless steel fasteners guarantee years of reliable service
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