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Cold Harbour Supply

Ready to Ship AB Night Vision RNVG Binocular NVG

Ready to Ship AB Night Vision RNVG Binocular NVG

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 ** Now available with Photonis 4G High Gain intensifiers **

Individual Intensifier specs listed in the dropdown; Scroll through product photos to see matching intensifier images. Not sure what the intensifier specs mean? See our guide HERE.

All Green Phosphor devices will ship with FREE amber filters.

The RNVG is designed as the most rugged night vision goggle available.  While most NVG’s are built with molded polymer housings, the RNVG features a 7075 aluminum chassis for unsurpassed rigidity and structural strength.  All articulation points have been beefed up to increase impact resistance, giving users one tough goggle.  Designed and machined at AB NightVision, the Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle is ready to face the toughest customers and harshest environments!

Featuring your choice of NNVT NVT4-AG Autogated 1500+ FOM, Photonis Echo 1600-2000 FOM White Phosphor or Photonis Echo+ 2000+ FOM White Phosphor MX-10160 auto-gain image intensifier tubes, each RNVG is cleaned, assembled, purged, and tested in-house with precision tools using our digital purging rig, downdraft table, and clean room. 

This build utilizes US Milspec optics for the highest levels of performance with no optical trade-offs such as reduced eyebox viewing window, excessive lens flaring, oddly-shaped flare artifacts, or distracting rings of light as seen on lightweight lens systems. Click HERE for an analysis on lightweight lens systems.

Each device will also be tested and collimated using our in-house Hoffman night vision test set and a full test report will accompany each unit.

Traditionally, the weakest point in a night vision goggle is the joint between the optic pods and the bridge.  Both the optic pods and bridge in the RNVG are machined from solid billet 7075 (a material that is 36% stronger than most common steel), to give end users the strongest NVG on the market.  Careful design and advanced machining keep the weight down to 20 oz. with a battery installed.

The RNVG eliminates exposed wires – something commonly found in ANVIS-style night vision goggles.  As the optic pods traverse during interpupilary adjustment, they ride across an electrical contact strip.  This provides much increased weather/element resistance and reduces a traditional failure point.  IP adjustment is accomplished with by turning dual knobs on either side of the bridge; the same as any traditional ANVIS goggle.

The RNVG utilizes a single CR123 battery, and comes with an auxiliary power connector for use with ANVIS-style auxiliary battery packs with a LEMO port.

Cold Harbour Supply assembles the RNVG with true US milspec PVS-14 eyepieces and objective lenses and Photonis Echo White Phosphor image intensifier tubes. 

Each device will also be tested using our in-house Hoffman night vision test set and a full test report will accompany each unit.

Controls are simple.  If you are familiar with a PVS-14, you will be right at home with the RNVG.  A standard PVS-14 power knob is located on the front of the bridge.  It features on/off controls, and active IR illuminator mode.  Just like a PVS-14, simply pull the knob out and twist it all the way to turn on the built-in infrared illuminator.  The RNVG features a dovetail mount interface.

Get your mounting hardware HERE.

Material 7075 Aluminum alloy
Tube Type 18mm MX-10160 tubes
Figure of Merit (FOM) SNR x LP/mm

NNVT (1700+ FOM)
Photonis Echo (1600-2000FOM)
Photonis Echo+ (2000+FOM)


569g with standard optics and a battery

Power Supply CR123 onboard OR external battery pack via LEMO port
Runtime 16+ hours
Lenses US Milpsec
Field of View 40º
Interpupillary Adjustment Range 51-73mm
Diopter Adjustable +2 to -6
Submersion and Dust Rating Up to 20 metres
Mount Style Built in dovetail mount
Onboard IR Illuminator Yes


  • AB Night Vision RNVG 
  • Cold Harbour x Woven Apogee NODE pouch
  • Hoffman test report and tube spec sheet
  • 12 month warranty
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