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Cold Harbour 1.93 QD Riser for RH25 / PFalcon640+

Cold Harbour 1.93 QD Riser for RH25 / PFalcon640+

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The Cold Harbour 1.93 QD Riser for Infiray RH25 / RL25 / PFalcon640+ / PFalcon384+ works with any Picatinny rail adapter such as our RH25 Picatinny Dovetail adapter plate or the IRAYUSA Pictail Attachment and elevates the thermal device to a 1.93" optic centreline to be compatible with many popular day-scope mounts such as American Defense MFG, Geissele, Scalarworks, etc for a more natural heads-up position. 

Deisgned for users who want to run a normal "day-scope" (eg: Low-Power Variable Optic) but still have the ability to quickly add thermal capabilities as required, the 1.93 QD Riser mounts to the host platform via the QD locking throw-lever. Users can then quickly attach the PFalcon640+ / Rico Micro to the riser, secure the secondary QD lever and instantly have thermal capabilities as required.

The QD riser can also be used to mount the RH25 / PFalcon to be used as standalone thermal sight.

With built-in recoil lugs, the riser is rated for up to .308 and returns to zero if the throw-lever tension is not moved. Users can adjust for the correct amount of throw-lever tension to securely lock both the riser to the host Picatinny rail and the thermal to the riser. 

Made in Canada.

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