International Customers - Night Vision Export Process


The following is an overview of the international export process for night vision goggles from Canada to an international destination.

Night Vision goggles, more specifically image intensifiers, are classified as a "Dual Use Good" (civilian and military) under the Canadian Controlled Goods Program. As a Controlled Item, an export permit must be obtained prior to the shipment of any night vision device outside of Canada (US is exempted). The export permit process may take up to 40 days from the date of submission but in most cases it should be 2-3 weeks.

  1. Place your order on the website
  2. Once the order is fully paid and confirmed, please email us a completed, signed copy of the End User Statement. You can find a template HERE.
  3. Upon receipt of the EUS, we will submit for an export permit with Global Affairs Canada and send you the export permit reference number. Note that there are some countries that are export controlled. You can find a list of all Export Controlled countries HERE
  4. Once a permit is issued (within 40 days), your item(s) will ship.