Night vision devices are an investment into an extremely powerful capability. If assembled and maintained properly, these devices can and should be relied upon and provide years of reliable service. 

Just as end-users invest in the equipment to operate at night or under darkness, Cold Harbour Supply has invested in the equipment necessary to assemble and maintain night vision devices to enable that capability. Our highly specialized equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Night Vision-specific assembly and cleaning tools
  • Digital dry nitrogen purging and vacuum system
  • 100+ PSI air blower to extract dust and debris from inside devices and on optical surfaces
  • Hoffman ANV-126A and HVS-126 digital night vision test set
  • HEPA-filtered and ultra-low humidity climate-controlled assembly area

These tools allow us to assemble and maintain devices that are free from scratches and marring from improper tools, dust and debris inside housings and on the output screens and lenses, and over- or under-torqued fasteners.

Each device that leaves our facility will receive a certified Hoffman report documenting each device's performance and the results of each test. This provides full transparency and accountability of what each user is receiving and assurance that the device was assembled with the highest standards.



We offer the following services all completed in-house:

  • NV device complete disassembly, cleaning, re-assembly. We have experience with the following devices: 
    • Act in Black DTNVS
    • Act in Black DTNVG
    • Nocturn Industries Katana
    • Nocturn Industries Tanto
    • Nocturn Industries Samurai
    • Nocturn Industries Manticore-R
    • Argus BNVD-1431 MK1 and MK2
    • PVS-14
    • AB Night Vision RNVG
    • AB Night Vision RNVG-A
    • AB Night Vision RPNVG
    • Boson Proton MNVG
    • AB Night Vision Mod3 and Mod3B
    • Adams Industries Sentinel
    • Low Light Innovations Aeternus
    • Low Light Innovations LLUL-21
  • Purging with dry nitrogen at or above US Mil MOS 39E standards
  • Testing and calibration using our Hoffman ANV-126A-001 and HVS-126A test set:
    • Diopter calibration
    • High and Low-light resolution testing
    • Gain testing
    • Collimation (if binocular)
    • Spot defect detection
    • Eyepiece focus adjustment
    • Infinity focus adjustment 
  • Conversion of manual-gain image intensifier tubes to auto-gain (MX-11769 to MX-10160)
  • Installing and modifying BNVD-1431 MK2 housings for manual gain
  • Repair and replacement of critical o-ring seals

Please contact us to inquire about rates. Please include details about your device if possible.