We offer the following services all completed in-house:

  • NV device complete disassembly, cleaning, re-assembly. We have experience with the following devices: 
    • Act in Black DTNVS
    • Act in Black DTNVG
    • Nocturn Industries Katana
    • Nocturn Industries Tanto
    • PVS-14
    • AB Night Vision RNVG
    • AB Night Vision Mod3 and Mod3B
    • Adams Industries Sentinel
    • Low Light Innovations Aeternus
  • Purging with dry nitrogen at or above US Mil MOS 39E standards
  • Testing and calibration using our Hoffman ANV-126A-001 and HVS-126A test set:
    • Diopter calibration
    • High and Low-light resolution testing
    • Gain testing
    • Collimation (if binocular)
    • Spot defect detection
    • Eyepiece focus adjustment
    • Infinity focus adjustment 
  • Conversion of manual-gain image intensifier tubes to auto-gain (MX-11769 to MX-10160)
  • Repair and replacement of critical o-ring seals

Please contact us to inquire about rates. Please include details about your device if possible.