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4D Tactical Helmet Pad System

4D Tactical Helmet Pad System

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The 4D Tactical Helmet Pad System is the most technologically advanced, most comfortable helmet pad system available. Originally developed for USSOCOM, the Zero G pads meet and exceed specification for ACH Blunt Impact and Ballistic Protection – even exceeding current standard issue, OEM, and aftermarket suspension system offerings (according to independent and DoD lab testing (USMC SMART-TE ACH Test). 

Common complaints of wearing helmets is insufficient padding leading to headaches, and "hot spots" caused by non-uniform padding. These complaints are only exacerbated when the helmets are worn for hours at a time, loaded with ancillary equipment like night vision, lights, IFF strobes, and mission recorders. 4D Helmet Pads solves all of these problem by using a rate- and temperature-sensitive material that conforms to wearer’s unique head shape and completely eliminates any hot spots commonly experienced by most factory pad sets. These materials provide unparalleled comfort, fit, and stability. The padding is covered in a heat and moisture wicking anti-microbial fabric. It is designed to draw perspiration away from the head and will actually cool the wearer through this evaporative process. 

The 4D Helmet Pads are a drop-in replacement set of pads that uses the OEM velcro disks already present inside your helmet. They are also machine-washable to provide years of reliable service. As the pads are sewn together, they do not come apart in the wash like other pads that are glued together.

As the primary contact surface between your helmet and your head, the long-wearing comfort of your helmet should not be ignored. 

Difference between ACH vs Ops-Core Pad Kits

Ops-Core pad kits come with a 1/2" brow pad instead of the 3/4" brow pad that comes on the ACH kits. This reduced-thickness brow pad accommodates for the integrated Ops-Core OCC Dial Fit-Band Suspension system with EPP brow pad (that comes with all non-Fast SF helmets). For all helmets that use the Vented Lux Liner, there is now a specific Ops-Core VLL liner kit with thinner pads specifically for this application.

The ACH kit is designed for all other helmets that are not Ops-Core and is designed to attach directly to the helmet shell. (eg: Crye Airframe, Team Wendy, MTEK Flux, etc.)

Difference between Standard and Deluxe kits

The Standard Kit contains 6 or 7 helmet pads as follows:

  • 2x 3/4" thick oval pads
  • 2x 1" thick oval pads
  • 1x brow pad (1/2" thick for Ops-Core; 3/4" thick for ACH)
  • 1x 3/4" large nape pad
  • The Ops-Core Standard Kit includes an extra 1/4" thick pad for the OCC dial (this will also fit on the Worm Dial found on the Lux Liner and Vented Lux Liner)

The Deluxe Kit was developed in conjunction with TNVC Inc., contains all of the pads of the Standard Kit, and adds:

  • 2x 3/4" thick oval pads
  • 2x 1" thick oval pads

As everybody's helmet and head geometry is different, it's impossible to advise whether the Standard kit is sufficient. If in doubt, the extra pads in the Deluxe kit will give you some options to play around with and dial in the fit. If you don't end up using all of the pads, they can be used in some unorthodox applications like as a holster pad between a Safariland UBL and your leg to provide extra comfort. We have also seen one Deluxe kit have sufficient pads to outfit two helmets.

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