Cold Harbour MH25 PVS-14 "MH14" lens assembly
Cold Harbour MH25 PVS-14 "MH14" lens assembly
Cold Harbour MH25 PVS-14 "MH14" lens assembly
Cold Harbour MH25 PVS-14 "MH14" lens assembly

Cold Harbour MH25 PVS-14 "MH14" lens assembly

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The Cold Harbour MH14 (CH/MH14) eyepiece assembly is a complete, drop-in upgrade to the iRay MH25 that replaces the factory eyepiece with a PVS-14 lens. The MH14 eyepiece upgrade is a two-piece assembly consisting of a precision-machined adapter plate, and a custom-modified PVS-14 milspec eyepiece. The lens adapter improves upon existing offerings by including an o-ring channel and re-establishes the waterproof rating of the MH25.

When compared to the standard MH25 eyepiece this assembly increases the usable eye relief and interpupillary divergence.  It also corrects the perceived optical magnification to 1X, allowing the possibility to use the MH25 with the PVS-14 side-by-side. These improvements make the iRay MH25 Mini Thermal Monocular compatible with any standard PVS-14 eyepiece accessory and improves the overall versatility of the unit. The milspec PVS-14 eyepiece is machined to allow for additional lens cell articulation and improved eyebox forgiveness and comes fully assembled and calibrated. 


  • Drop-in replacement for factory eyepiece on iRay MH25 Mini Thermal Monocular
  • Provides a more symmetrical image when using an MH25 and a PVS-14 bridged together
  • Corrects interpupillary divergence
  • Increases eyebox forgiveness
  • Thread-on (no tools required)

Note on lens calibration:

To account for the difference in distances between the eyepiece and the MH25 screen vs a phosphor screen on an actual PVS-14, the CHS MH25 eyepiece assembly comes calibrated to show the correct diopter settings for use. The useable range of diopter adjustment is -2 to +6.


If the iRay MH25 is purchased at the same time, the MH14 lens assembly can be installed prior to shipping. 

To install the MH14 eyepiece, the factory MH25 eyepiece must be removed. A set of channel-lock pliers can be attached to the larger collar on the factory eyepiece and simply twisted off. DO NOT twist off the diopter adjustment ring. Clear off any thread sealant and debris, apply a thin bead of lubricant to the MH14 adapter plate o-ring, and simply screw on the MH14 eyepiece assembly. A thick rubber band may help in tightening the eyepiece. Hand-tight is sufficient as over-tightening may damage the o-ring.

Full install instructions HERE.

Components made in and assembled in Canada.