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Cold Harbour Supply

Cold Harbour Enhanced Purge Adapter

Cold Harbour Enhanced Purge Adapter

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The Cold Harbour Enhanced Purge Adapter (EPA) is designed for maximum compatibility and usability for all major night vision devices on the market today. The EPA works with all common 6x4mm hoses via the built-in quick-disconnect fitting, and features an elongated centre section to access hard-to-reach purge port locations (such as on the RNVG) and knurled upper section for tightening the fitting without requiring tools. Made in Canada

Tested to work on the following devices:

  • AB Nightvision RNVG, RNVG-A, RPNVG
  • Low Light Innovations LLUL-21, Aeternus
  • Nocturn Industries Tanto, Katana, Manticore, Daisho (requires adapter)
  • Milspec PVS-14
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