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Cold Harbour Battery Retention Integrated Counterweight Kit (BRICK)

Cold Harbour Battery Retention Integrated Counterweight Kit (BRICK)

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The Cold Harbour Battery Retention Integrated Counterweight Kit (BRICK) provides a secure and low-profile way to attach any NVG battery pack or counterweight to a helmet. Made in Canada by Macabre Solutions with thermo-plastic composite and laser cut laminate Cordura, the BRICK features:

  • Fully adjustable design optimized for the 31A Strobe / PVS-31A / BNVD-1531 battery packs but also fits any size battery pack or counterweight pouch
  • Clever design that removes unnecessary bulk and minimizes snag hazards
  • Active retention that attaches to most helmets on the market via helmet bolts (Ops-Core style helmets) or looped through accessory rails (Team Wendy)
  • 2x Removable elastic loops that accepts ChemLights
  • Cable Management via included shock cords
  • Loop Velcro on the rear for patches


At the heart of the BRICK is a sheet of custom-cut thermo-plastic composite that attaches to the helmet via hook Velcro and provides rigid structure to the entire system. The composite sheet has loop Velcro to accommodate hook-backed battery packs or our optional Weight Plates (coming soon). 


The BRICK features two vertical, length-adjustable, Velcro-backed Cordura laminate flaps that can be resized. The adjustable ends of the flaps are not sewn into the body but are hidden behind the composite backing plate, allowing users to expand the BRICK to fit both a battery pack and optional Weight Plates, maintaining a clean, perfectly positioned 3.5x2" area for rear ID patches, and allowing the user to run the perfect amount of counterweight to balance their NVGs on the helmet. The sides are left open to accommodate for wider battery packs like the GPNVG-18. The top flap can be easily opened in case of battery changes.


The BRICK can be attached with active retention to a helmet by threading shock cord through the flaps and backing plate, and through the two small Cordura laminate tabs (included). The laminate tabs are installed into the helmet via the rear helmet bolts. For helmets without easily-accessible or no rear helmet bolts, the shock cord can be simply looped through the helmet accessory rails. Users can either create a fixed-length shock cord loop by knotting and hiding the knots inside each flap (great for users who don't need to service the counterweight often); or use the included cord-locks for a more adjustable option (ideal for users who require repeated access to a battery pack).

Accessory Loops

Two elastic loops sized for ChemLights or batteries are included and can be inserted into slots on the thermoplastic backing plate at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock positions. 


Most night vision goggles require more counterweight in the rear of the helmet than just a battery pack. Using our optional Weight Plates, users can add supplementary weight to the rear of the helmet in increments of 200grams. For users who do not use battery packs, multiple Weight Plates and the Buddy Pouch (not included; coming soon) can be added to create the perfect weight equilibrium. The Buddy Pouch accommodates for 5x CR123A or AA batteries.

Weight Plate Guide

  • PVS-14 - 2x Weight Plate + 1x Buddy Pouch
  • Tanto - 2x Weight Plate; or 1x Weight Plate and 1x Buddy Pouch
  • Polymer binoculars - 3x Weight Plate + 1x Buddy Pouch
  • Metal Binoculars - 4x Weight Plate + 1x Buddy Pouch
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