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Cold Harbour x ISLE MFG COTI Defender Shield

Cold Harbour x ISLE MFG COTI Defender Shield

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The COTI Defender Shield provides rugged protection and impact resistance to the InfiRay JerryC5 and JerryCE5 (also works with JerryC2 and JerryCE2) line of clip-on thermal imagers. This protector is the ONLY product on the market that has comprehensive multi-hit protection for not only the lens and projection arm, but also the multi-function dial. Rather than using commonly-used Nylon-12 material that shatters upon impact or becomes brittle in cold weather, the main body of the COTI Defender is made using a proprietary blend of flexible TPU that is multi-impact-rated.

The rotary knob guard protects the multi-function dial from not only impacts, but also reduces the chance of user adjustments being bumped out of place or from the device being accidentally turned on during transport.

Recognizing that each user's requirements are unique, three different protection levels are available that include the following components:

  • Optical-Grade multi-coated Germanium Sacrificial lens optimized for 8-14µm wavelength, is tested to absorb up to a 0.2g BB at 350fps and UTM and Simunitions at point blank range with no penetration. Not multi-impact-rated
  • Multi-Impact Rated custom-manufactured Titanium Honeycomb

Level 2 - Germanium sacrificial lens only. This option provides impact protection with the highest levels of performance. Ideal for users who want maximum performance and thermal signal while still protecting the host lens. No perceived signal loss. Not ideal for situations where multi-hit capabilities are required.

Level 3 - Titanium honeycomb only. A custom-fabricated titanium honeycomb offers multi-hit resistance and has been tested for 400fps with 0.2g BBs at point blank range. The mesh density is specially-sized to be less than 6mm in diameter and to completely stop all 6mm projectiles fired at 400fps. Depending on frangibility of ammo relative to the ruggedness of the titanium, spalling of projectiles is possible. There is approximately ~10% reduction in thermal signal. Due to reduced thermal signal, there is a benefit of reduced thermal noise. (You can see the performance at 8:27 in the video link above)

Level 4 - Germanium lens + titanium honeycomb. The ultimate in protection. Both materials are used in tandem for maximum protection and safeguards against spalling. While this combination is multi-impact rated, due to the fragile nature of germanium and spalling, durability of the germanium is not guaranteed.

Weight: 8g in the Level 3 configuration; 21g in the Level 4 configuration


Replacement germanium sacrificial lenses can be purchased HERE.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the brittle nature of germanium, neither Cold Harbour Supply nor ISLE MFG are liable for damage to the host device as a result of the failure of the user to replace the sacrificial lens as necessary after impacts when the structural integrity may be compromised. 


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