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Low Light Innovations Aeternus Housing

Low Light Innovations Aeternus Housing

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The Low Light Innovations Aeternus is a fixed-bridge binocular night vision housing that is based on the proven AN/AVS-6, AVS-9, Sentinel and RNVG systems that provides a host of features at a pricepoint that is difficult to ignore

The Aeternus accepts common MX-10160 fixed-gain image intensifiers and industry-standard PVS-14 optics and has adjustable interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustments, giving users the full experience of binocular night vision without any sacrifices.  IP adjustment is accomplished with by turning dual knobs on either side of the bridge; the same as any traditional ANVIS-style goggle.

Traditionally, the weakest point in a night vision goggle is the joint between the optic pods and the bridge.  Because the Aeternus has a no such moving parts between the optic pods and the bridge, durability is boosted over articulating binocular systems. Careful design keeps the weight down to 530g for a complete system, without battery.

Controls are simple - simply push the power button to power the Aeternus on, and push the button to power it off. 

This housing has everything you need, and nothing you don't. 

** Lenses are not included ** If you need lenses, click HERE

Material Nylon Reinforced Polymer with CNC dovetail and interpupillary knobs
Tube Type 18mm MX-10160 tubes

530g with standard milspec optics and a battery

Power Supply CR123 onboard 
Runtime 20+ hours
Field of View 40º
Interpupillary Adjustment Range 51-73mm
Submersion and Dust Rating Up to 20 metres
Mount Style Built in CNC dovetail mount
Onboard IR Illuminator No


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