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NNVT MX-10160 format Intensifier

NNVT MX-10160 format Intensifier

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NNVT intensifiers are cost-effective and offer great value and good performance in mixed-lighting conditions. We are pleased to offer an exclusive custom run of 1600+ NVT4-AG AUTOGATED white phosphor intensifiers at an extremely attractive pricepoint to allow hobbyists the opportunity to build out their own devices and get into night vision. Most of these feature extremely clean screens with little to no factory dark spots or artifacts.

Each intensifier spec and photo is listed so there is no ambiguity about what you are purchasing. All intensifiers will include its individual spec sheet.

Specification Ranges:

  • SNR: 24-26
  • Res: 64-68
  • EBI: 0.01-0.20
  • Gain: 9000-11500
  • Max Output Brightness 5.80 - 6.5 cd/m^2

If you're looking for fully-built ready-to-ship devices, click HERE. Or contact us for special-build options. 
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