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Photonis Defense Boomslang 50-degree FOV Wide Angle PVS-14 Optics Set

Photonis Defense Boomslang 50-degree FOV Wide Angle PVS-14 Optics Set

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Photonis Defense Boomslang 50° FOV wide-angle PVS-14 optics optics offer a 25% increase in viewable area compared to standard 40° FOV optics found on most milspec lens systems. In addition to the increase in situational awareness from the wider field of view, Boomslang optics also provide a weight reduction (25-30g per eye, compared to US Milspec optics).

Boomslangs represent a generational leap in wide FOV lenses. From our testing there is no visible "fisheye" or distortion present and only very minor chromatic aberration on the very edge of the lenses. The lenses have been optimized for Photonis' P45 white phosphor tubes, but will also work with standard green tubes. The eyebox is shorter than standard PVS-14 lenses but can be comfortably used with standard protective eyewear (eg: Oakley M-Frames) and Avon gas masks with no vignetting or loss of image.

For users that look to setup Boomslangs with panning setups such as the ABNV RPNVG or Noise Fighters Panobridge, the PD Boomslangs, offer not only a 25% advantage to the outer edges of the image but the inner edges as well. This allows more overlap and less of the "Venn-diagram" phenomenon experienced by panning users.


Backwards compatible with all night vision systems that use PVS-14 pattern optics.

Sold as a set of 2 (1x objective lens; 1x eyepiece lens with lightweight diopter assembly and o-rings). If you are building a set of binoculars, add 2 sets to cart.

Warranty information per Photonis Defense:

When installed properly by an authorized night vision dealer or distributor, they are warranted by Photonis Defense for a period of five years from date of installation. Boomslang optics are not necessarily intended for sale to the end user or consumer without the correct equipment or knowledge for proper installation.

If the original purchasing dealer sells them to another re-seller, the same warranty considerations apply. If a dealer chooses to sell to the end consumer that optic MAY not be warranted by Photonis Defense. At that point, it will be our [Photonis Defense] sole discretion to decide if that optic was installed properly.

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