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Custom Built PVS-14 PRO Night Vision Monocular - US Milspec

Custom Built PVS-14 PRO Night Vision Monocular - US Milspec

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The PVS-14 is the standard night vision optic serving all NATO forces globally. Its versatility and durability make it the de-facto choice for Law Enforcement, security and hobbyists. PVS14s can be head-mounted, put on a weapon's Picatinny rail via adapters, or simply as a convenient hand-held device. The PVS-14 is also drop-tested to MIL-STD-810G standards (26 drops at 4 feet onto concrete)

This Cold Harbour Supply in-house assembled PVS-14 PRO monocular is offered with your choice of NNVT NVT4-AG (autogated, 1600+ FOM, auto-gain), Photonis Echo (1600-2000FOM), Photonis Echo+ (2000+ FOM), or Photonis Echo++ (2200+ FOM) and features a complete US Milspec housing assembly, providing the absolute ultimate in performance with no distortion, edge-to-edge clarity, and highest light transmission. Each monocular is meticulously cleaned, assembled, purged, and tested in-house with precision tools using our digital purging rig, downdraft table, clean room. Each device will also be tested using our in-house Hoffman night vision test set and a full test report will accompany each unit.

This build utilizes US Milspec optics for the highest levels of performance with no optical trade-offs such as reduced eyebox viewing window, excessive lens flaring, oddly-shaped flare artifacts, or distracting rings of light as seen on lightweight lens systems. Click HERE for an analysis on lightweight lens systems.

As a monocular, the PVS-14 gives operators the ability to see in dark situations that would be impossible with the naked eye. The other non-PVS14-assisted eye is free to retain its natural night-adapted vision, increasing situation awareness. 

Material Polymer
Tube Type 18mm MX11769 style manual gain, autogated tube 
Figure of Merit (FOM) SNR x LP/mm

NNVT NVT4-AG (1600+ FOM Autogated)
Photonis Echo (1600-2000FOM)
Photonis Echo+ (2000+ FOM)
Photonis Echo++ (2200+ FOM)


351g with standard optics and a battery

Power Supply AA onboard
Runtime 40+ hours
Lenses US Milspec
Field of View 40º
Diopter Adjustable +2 to -6
Submersion and Dust Rating Up to 20 metres
Mount Style PVS-14 J-arm style mount
Onboard IR Illuminator Yes 5mW


  • CH/PVS-14 PRO night vision monocular
  • Green storage bag
  • Neck cord
  • Lanyard
  • Eyepiece protective cap
  • Daylight objective lens cover
  • Hoffman test report and tube spec sheet
  • Cold Harbour Supply 10 Year Warranty 

All intensifier tubes may have some blemishes in the image represented by small spots less than 0.3mm. From our experience, there is usually only one or two blems visible and when used in a dynamic capacity, does not adversely affect the user experience as they simply blend into the background image.

For more information on blemishes and what you can expect, click HERE.

We now also offer a hand-select option for discerning customers with specific performance threshold requirements or characteristic needs. For more details on this premium service, please click HERE.

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