Cold Harbour X ISLE MFG MH25 Defender

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The MH25 defender provides rugged protection and impact resistance to the Infiray MH25, MH25W and ML19 family of devices. Using the same proven, multi-hit rated, proprietary TPU material as our COTI Defender, the MH25 Defender can be reliably used in any force-on-force scenario with no damage to the host device. 

Using a specially-designed threaded taper ring, the Defender is a two-piece design that is dependably secure without using finicky grub screws that loosen over time and mar the host surface. This design securely clamps on to the focus ring and provides a positive knurled surface for users to adjust focus, improving traction in wet or adverse conditions. Thoughtfully-designed cut-outs retains the factory ability to close the iris for additional protection. The MH25 Defender can be easily installed and uninstalled leaving no marks on the host device.

Designed by ISLE MFG and made in the USA.