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Cold Harbour X ISLE MFG RH25 Defender Armour V2

Cold Harbour X ISLE MFG RH25 Defender Armour V2

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The Cold Harbour x ISLE MFG RH25 Defender Armour V2 provides rugged protection and impact resistance to the Infiray PFalcon640+, Iray RH25, PFalcon384+, and RL25 family of devices. Using the same proven, multi-hit rated, temperature-stable proprietary TPU material as our COTI Defender, the RH25 Defender can be reliably used in any force-on-force scenario with no damage to the host device. 

The V2 protector improves upon the V1:

  • Protector is now precision slip-fit over the objective lens for fast install and has a small lip to securely lock into the objective lens
  • Knurled circumference to allow fast focus adjustments
  • Slightly large inner diameter allows the protector to spin freely and prevent accidental adjustments. A small amount of pressure (pinch-grip) allows easy focus adjustments
  • Allows use of the rubber bikini cover for added protection

The RH25 Defender Armour is precision-made and slips over the factory objective lens shroud and is secured by the two factory screws that normally hold the rubber lens cover. Two large cut-outs retains the ability for users to adjust the objective lens focus. The RH25 Defender can be easily installed and uninstalled leaving no marks on the host device. A gap is left between the objective lens shroud and the protector as the RH25 objective lens articulates forwards/backwards.

Recognizing that each user's requirements are unique, three different protection levels are available that include the following components:

  • Optical-Grade multi-coated Germanium Sacrificial lens optimized for 8-14µm wavelength, is tested to absorb up to a 0.2g BB at 350fps and UTM and Simunitions at point blank range with no penetration. Not multi-impact-rated
  • Multi-Impact Rated custom-manufactured Titanium Honeycomb

Level 2 - Germanium sacrificial lens only. This option provides impact protection with the highest levels of performance with no perceived signal degradation. Ideal for users who want maximum performance and thermal signal while still protecting the host lens. Not ideal for situations where multi-hit capabilities are required.

Level 3 - Titanium honeycomb only. A custom-fabricated titanium honeycomb offers multi-hit resistance and has been tested for 350fps with 0.2g BBs at point blank range. Depending on frangibility of ammo relative to the ruggedness of the titanium, spalling of projectiles is possible. There is approximately ~10% reduction in thermal signal. Due to reduced thermal signal, there is a benefit of reduced thermal noise. 

Level 4 - Germanium lens + titanium honeycomb. The ultimate in protection. Both materials are used in tandem for maximum protection and safeguards against spalling. While this combination is multi-impact rated, due to the fragile nature of germanium and spalling, durability of the germanium is not guaranteed.


Designed by ISLE MFG and made in the USA.

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