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Noisefighters AX-14 Pro J-arm

Noisefighters AX-14 Pro J-arm

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The Noisefighters AX-14 Pro arm is here. Improving upon the MK2, MK1 and the original X-14 arm, the MK2 offers the following key improvements:

  • Swept back arm that pushes the PVS-14 host device closer to the user's eyes, improving field of view
  • Reinforced joints with stainless steel washers, 316 stainless hardware and anodized aluminum parts rated for maritime use
  • The mating surface to the PVS-14 has been enlarged and a stabilizer bar has been added to prevent unwanted rotation
  • Articulating arm provides an additional dimension of stowage and allows users to stow the device closer to the helmet, or be able to use gross motor movements to swing the monocular out of the way quickly

The Noisefighters AX14-PRO arm is a featherweight night vision monocular dovetail mounting arm for the PVS-14 and similar devices, produced with cutting edge manufacturing and material technologies. The AX14 Pro weighs 25 g total, or 55% less than a milspec J-Arm, yet it is significantly more rigid due to the unique design. Just attach a monocular, snap the complete assembly into an industry-standard dovetail helmet mount, and enjoy.

The AX14 Pro is the successor to the original X14-Arm and adds the ability to rapidly swing the monocular away from the eye temporarily, similar to dedicated binocular systems like the Katana and DTNVS. This ability allows operator to use gross-motor movements instead of having to activate the button on the night vision mount and allows the operator to swing the device back into action rapidly if needed. An additional benefit of this pivot is the ability to stow the device tightly against the helmet when not in use, substantially reducing helmet profile and preventing damage to the device and injury to the user when operating in areas with low vertical clearance.

An intuitive, friction-based mechanism allows users to swing the PVS-14 monocular in front of either the left or right eye and perfectly adjust for interpupillary distance. The mechanism is pretensioned at the factory and should never need to be adjusted, but a simple hex key wrench may be used for adjustment as necessary. In addition, the new articulating knuckle does permit full range of motion on both the left and right side of the AX14-Arm.

The choice of a high performance polymer from Arkema® produces a nearly indestructible monocular mount. The highly impact-resistant material chosen for the AX14 Pro absorbs shocks and bounces back into shape instead of fracturing when dropped, bent, or otherwise stressed. For extra peace of mind, fasteners made of anodized, aerospace grade aluminum and stainless steel are used.

The AX-14 Pro now features a tether attachment point at the rear of the arm. Unlike tethers that are attached to the PVS-14 that tend to pull the device away from its desired location, the centrally mounted tether point keeps the host device where it's supposed to be.

A no-questions-asked, transferable lifetime warranty is included. The Noisefighters AX14 Pro is proudly made and assembled in the U.S.A. and was designed by a Marine Corps combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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