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Surefire SR07-D-IT Dual Switch

Surefire SR07-D-IT Dual Switch

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  • Dual switch — operates WeaponLight and any laser device that takes standard Insight/Crane plugs
  • Pressure pad switches provide separate or simultaneous activation
  • Snap-clamp allows easy attachment to Picatinny rail

Activate Total Utility. The SR07-D-IT provides remote momentary-on activation, either separately or simultaneously, for two weapon-mounted illumination tools—a SureFire WeaponLight and any laser that takes standard Insight/Crane plugs. Separate plug-in cables connect each device to the switch platform, where two pressure-pad switches are integrated with a single snap-on clamp for easy attachment to your firearm's Picatinny rail forend. The 7-inch switch cable works with most rifle/carbine applications. The entire unit is weatherproof, including the O-ring-sealed plugs. Fits: Millennium Universal; Classic Universal light; Scout Light with socketed tailcap; and X200, X300, and X400 lights fitted with an XT tailcap and an ATPIAL or DBAL laser.

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