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Cold Harbour Ultra Low Profile Defender - PVS-14 Lens Protector

Cold Harbour Ultra Low Profile Defender - PVS-14 Lens Protector

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The Cold Harbour Ultra Low Profile Defender is the absolute lowest-profile lens protector available for any device that uses PVS-14 optics.

Using the same geometry as Light Interference Filters, the ULP Defender protrudes from the host objective lens by less than 2mm (~1/16 inch) allowing users to use accessories such as the JerryC Clip-On Thermal Imagers and still retain full lens travel, including Boomslang-lens equipped systems. The ULP defender is also ultra lightweight weighing only 4 grams. 

The ULP Defender features an impact-resistant urethane lens with >93% light transmission, that is tested to withstand impacts with UTM, simunitions, and at least 30x 0.2g airsoft BB hits at 400fps at point blank range with no penetration. 

Installation is easy - the circumference features subtly-raised ridges that allow users to screw the ULP Defender against the host lens and facilitates easy removal.


These have been tested to work perfectly with any NV device that takes US MILSPEC PVS14 lenses, such as: BNVD-1531, BNVD-1431, DTNVG, DTNVS, RNVG, Mod3, BNVD, PVS-7B, PVS-7D, etc. They have been tested to work on the following lenses:

  • Noctis Technologies (formerly Carson Industries) US Milspec objectives (Fujinon, Qioptiq OEMs)
  • Salvo Engineering objectives
  • Optronics objectives
  • Photonis Defense Boomslang
  • RPO 2.0 and 3.0

This device will NOT fit on the rear ocular lens as the heavily convex profile of all rear lenses interferes with the design of the ULP defender. For rear lens protection, please use the standard CHS Defender.

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