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Nocturn Industries Daisho Bridge

Nocturn Industries Daisho Bridge

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** Backordered; ETA January 31 **

The Nocturn Industries Daisho bridge is a proprietary bridge designed specifically to work with two Tanto monoculars to easily turn them into a fully-functional articulating binocular system. With a total system weight of only 538g yet still maintaining full modularity the Tanto and Daisho combo has one of the highest levels of versatility on the market.

To attach Tantos to the Daisho bridge, simply remove the battery caps from each Tanto, slide the Tanto monoculars into the Daisho power rods, swing the retaining bars into place and secure each bolt. An included insert for each Tanto monocular will provide each pod the ability to automatically cut power to each optical pod when swung out of view - a feature typically reserved for some dedicated binoculars only.

The Daisho bridge will accept a single CR123A battery and powers both Tanto monoculars simultaneously. If you wish to use offboard power, please select the LEMO port version.

NOTE: While you may opt to do it yourself, those purchasing a Daisho bridge only is encouraged to send your Tanto monoculars in, so they can be collimated and set up properly to work on the Daisho bridge. Please email us after placing an order to arrange return shipping of your Tanto monoculars. For a full Daisho x Tanto build, with included monoculars click this LINK. 

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